Ongoing Coaching 1-2-1 support for you or your team

Let’s spend even more time together. Includes everything the other packages do but also includes ongoing support to make sure you’re hitting your businesses sales goals

I’ll be on hand to help with pitches and advice on growing your client base for as long as you want me. 

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Your Business is established simply because you worked hard for it and you’re good at what you do.

  • Your revenue stream is up and down. You want a predictable income.

  • Your monthly income is inconsistent, you can’t seem to predict if the business will do well this month or in the next month, and so on. 

  • You have learned the hard way that no matter how many ideas you’ve got, how trendy your website looks, or how many social media posts you create, It does not convert to sales, you received little to no emails or enquiries. 

  • You’ve realised that at this moment, you cannot leave it to chance to get the consistent flow of customers you need. 

  • You are not comfortable with selling or in a selling situation. Perhaps you feel anxious or concerned that others feel you’re manipulating them? You want to be a natural.

  • You know you enjoy social media but you don’t know how to maximize your sales potential through it.

  • You want to do huge product launches but it involves a lot of money, complicated funnels, but you feel incompetent. What are the standards or the rules in these things? Is it even necessary? You have tons of questions in mind, Google just confuses you. Now, you don’t know where to find answers. 

  • You know that you need a solid plan tailored especially for you and your business to achieve the maximum potential of your brand. You would love to follow uncomplicated steps for you to take it to the next level.

If any of those apply to you, get in touch and lets see if we can work together on a longer term basis.


Price – this is hard to price on here so get in touch with the form below and we’ll go through it to make sure it makes the most sense to you.

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