Master the art of selling in just 10 weeks.

We're about to launch our first group program. Taking you from sales novice to pro in just 10 weeks. You can get your free ticket below. We are starting on 3rd March 2021, we're going to do a live launch and the first week will be completely FREE!

Spaces are limited so sign up below.

We are doing a live launch for session one and guess what? It's completely FREE to join!

Our 1:1 sessions are providing incredible value for our customers. But one thing is missing, shared accountability. Our group Masterclass sessions are design to give you a community to share your problems and successes with. All whilst following the 10 week structure designed by founder, Mario Lucas.

Makes it sound effortless

Mario is an awesome salesman. Makes it sound effortless (I’ve heard him on hundreds of sales calls) and I found his book packed with practical information to help me do the same.

Altu - SEO Agency Owner

Thorough problem solver title

Mario’s the type of person you want to be sat next to when you’re new to a company. I was lucky enough to sit behind him when I started at my current role and 15 months on, he’s still my go-to for work-related issues and personal. He’s admiringly thorough with his personal workload and incredibly creative with problem solving. Go on Mario!

Guy - High Performing Salesperson

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