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I’ve worked in corporate sales for a long time. 18 years in fact. I’ve seen businesses struggle to meet the demands of hungry closers and I’ve seen businesses stagnate and ultimately fail because of a lack of new business. 

And ultimately that’s where I fit in. We’ll work with you to identify your ideal customer profile and bring you lead after lead to help feed your sales team and generate recurring revenue for your business.

I’ve been responsible for over $15m dollars worth of new business so far and my personal goal is for that number to reach $20m by the end of 2022. Lofty ambitions and I’m looking for businesses to partner with to make this happen.

About BeFree Selling

BeFree Selling has been created to help businesses and individuals sell more. Most sales training we see forces you to use rigid routines to meet your goals. I don’t believe that’s the best way.

I want the people I work with to implement the methodology I teach in a way that suits them. I will give you a framework and help you to apply it to your individual business and structure. Whether it’s finding new leads or closing business.

That’s where the name BeFree came from. Be Free from shackles and rigid routines. And, embrace selling with swagger and panache.

We help you and your business do more of what you’re good at.

Our Mission

Sales can actually be pretty simple. It isn't about fast-talking or being pushy or bamboozling your prospect. Far from it. Its about asking the right questions, coming round to their side of the table and finding a solution to their problem, together.

Our Vision

Nobody is born a sales natural. I used to think they were, but then I realised that even the best salespeople displayed behaviour that was learned. I strongly believe that anybody can copy this behaviour and characteristic and will be able to have similar results.

Sales training for startups

Goal Setting

Are you setting realistic goals for yourself and your business?


How are you filling up your sales pipeline? What should you be doing?


Are you able to make your customers comfortable?


How do you identify what your client’s budget is?

Our Core Sales Message

At BeFree, we’ve always thought that people make sales too complicated. It’s not a skill you were born with. Its something we can all learn quickly and easily. We’ve developed a simple to understand and easy to implement 7 step process to allow people to sell effectively and consistently. We’re not just going to give you the information and leave you to it. We’re going to hold your hand whilst we take you through our 7 step process to :


And then, you’ll have complete access to our online community to share and discuss ideas with fellow members. Benefit from live coaching calls and special guest coaching sessions on the topics you want to know about.

My goal is to take your sales game to the next level, all while allowing you to continue to do more of what you’re good at. Helping your customers.

Contact Details

Get in touch using our contact form, on social media, or on email and we’ll get back to you straight away.

Book a Call

Hit the button below and you’ll be able to book a call directly in my calendar. It’s an opportunity to find out a little more about your business and how I may or may not be able to help.


What do people say about me?

Hear from some of our colleagues and customers.


Most frequent questions and answers

Good question.

I’ve been a sales professional for 18 years now. I’m not one of these people that found sales to be my natural calling. To be completely honest, when I first started I struggled and almost gave up. I’d spend too long dithering and not knowing where to start. I’d get hung up on and lose deals by not knowing what to do or say.

I found a mentor who guided me and helped me to succeed. I studied every strategy and every methodology I could. I tested different approaches and had success with some and not others. I did this until I developed my own strategy formed through trial and error. This brought me great success in my career and now I want to share it with you. 

I want to help you be a better, more rounded sales person. This will lead to financial success for you and your company as well as opening doors to the C-Suite. 

We’ll review your outbound marketing and sales approach. We can design scripts and sales letters to open the right doors for you.

What steps are you taking in your business right now to get more leads? Are you relying on reputation or word of mouth? Perhaps you’re advertising online or somewhere else? We’ll do a thorough review and work out the most efficient way for you to get your product in front of more people.

Are you asking the right questions to uncover what your customers really want? Most sales people will have a product and just try and sell it. That may not be meeting your customers needs. What steps are you taking to uncover what your customers needs are and how you can meet them?

We will look at who and how to target. How to generate leads for your business. Prospecting via the phone, email, social media and in live environments and how much new business  do you really need to do to acheive your goals and what effort do you need to put in to get it?

Well, the answer is pretty simple.  Speak to one of my team and you can find out how we help businesses like yours thrive. You’ve probably not chosen a career in sales. You’ve chosen to do what you’re good at. Have you ever been in a room with someone talking about your product thinking you have a buyer but then things fizzle out?

Have you ever had someone tell you they’re interested and then never heard from them again?

Have you ever thought to yourself “I’m the best at what I do but how do I show more people?”

If so, then we can help you. If we’re a fit, then great. But if you decide you’d rather not work with us, then that’s okay too.

No hard feelings.

We have three different offers at the moment and the right one depends on exactly what you need. If you feel like you’ll benefit from some one on time, get in touch. We’re launching out group sessions soon so you’ll be able to learn from like minded people in our 10 week group mastermind. You can preregister above and the first session is completely free.

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